The Tempest

3rd December 2012

Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire

8.00 p.m.

Tickets £5.50 (£3 concessions) - available on the door

Stuart Stevens


Piano: Akvilė Šmotavičiūtė +
Guitar: Thomas Emery #
Mantar: Bryn Bowen %
Flute: Jennifer Hogan *


Stuart Stevens Septimal Switchback +
Stuart Stevens Modulus of Elasticity #
Stuart Stevens Genus 4 %
Benjamin Graves I’ll Go On. *
Stuart Stevens The Tempest
In the Shakespeare play from which tonight’s concert, and a new work by Stuart Stevens to be performed, takes its name, Ariel sings of “…a sea change into something rich and strange” when describing the transformation of the drowned Duke of Milan into a weird, yet recognisable, coral and pearl likeness.

Drawing on influences of contemporary microtonality and acoustic physics, with roots stretching as far back as Vicentino in the 16th century, and the prevalent meantone tuning of the 17th, Stevens’ new work explores the alternative (to diatonic) functional harmony of the Bohlen-Pierce Scale, a weird sound world that is familiar, yet rich and strange. It’s like leap-frogging the 19th Century and landing in the 21st.